One Paw Ahead

Once upon a time in the heart of the suburbs, there lived a family with two kids and a dog named Rover. The kids, Jack and Jill, were as lively as two squirrels in springtime, always up to some mischief or another. Rover, on the other hand, was an old soul trapped in a young dog’s body. He was calm, composed, and had an air of wisdom about him that made him seem more like a sage than a family pet.

One sunny afternoon, Jack and Jill were playing in the backyard while Rover watched them from his favorite spot under the apple tree. Suddenly, Jack had an idea. He turned to Jill and said, “Let’s play a prank on Rover!”

Jill looked at Jack with wide eyes. “But how? Rover is too smart for pranks!”

Jack grinned mischievously. “We’ll see about that,” he said.

The next day, Jack and Jill decided to pretend they couldn’t see Rover. They walked past him without acknowledging his presence, didn’t respond when he barked for attention, and even ‘accidentally’ dropped his food bowl as if it were empty.

one paw ahead

Rover was confused at first but soon caught on to their game. He decided to play along and pretended to be invisible too. He didn’t come when called for meals or walks and stayed out of sight most of the time.

This went on for a few days until one evening when the kids’ parents announced they were going out for dinner and leaving the kids alone at home.

Jack and Jill were thrilled at first but then realized they would be alone without their ‘invisible’ dog to protect them. They immediately ran to find Rover but couldn’t locate him anywhere.

Just as panic was about to set in, they heard a soft bark from under the apple tree. There sat Rover with an amused look on his face as if saying, “Who’s invisible now?”

And that’s when Jack and Jill learned a valuable lesson – never try to outsmart a family dog because they’re always one paw ahead.

So, the joke here is, “Why don’t kids play hide and seek with their family dog?” Because the dog always finds a way to win!

Originally posted 2023-06-16 12:14:54.

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