How To Build a Toddler Bed with These Simple Steps

If you’re looking to create a safe and cozy sleeping space for your little one, building a toddler bed can be a rewarding and cost-effective option. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step how to build a toddler bed. From gathering the necessary materials to adding finishing touches, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and learn how to build a toddler bed!

Gather the necessary materials

Before you begin, make sure you have all the materials you’ll need for this project. Here’s a list of the essential items:


Choose a sturdy and durable wood, such as pine or oak, for the bed frame. Make sure the wood is smooth and free from any defects or splinters.


Opt for high-quality screws that are appropriate for the thickness of the wood you’re using. It’s important to choose screws that will securely hold the bed frame together.


A drill will be essential for creating pilot holes and attaching the various components of the bed frame. Make sure you have the appropriate drill bits for your screws.


You’ll need a saw to cut the wood to the desired measurements. A circular saw or a miter saw will work well for this project.


To ensure a smooth and splinter-free surface, have sandpaper with different grits on hand. This will help you achieve a professional finish.

Measure and cut the wood

how to build a toddler bed

Once you have all the materials ready, it’s time to measure and cut the wood according to the dimensions of your toddler bed. Here’s what you need to consider:

Measurements for the bed frame

Measure the length and width of the mattress you plan to use. Add a few inches to each measurement to allow for a snug fit. These dimensions will determine the size of the bed frame.

Measurements for the mattress support

Decide whether you want to use slats or a solid piece of plywood as the mattress support. Measure and cut the slats or plywood to fit securely within the bed frame.

Assemble the bed frame

Now that you have the wood cut to the right dimensions, it’s time to assemble the bed frame. Follow these steps:

Attach the headboard and footboard to the side rails

Using your drill and screws, attach the headboard and footboard to the side rails. Make sure everything is aligned properly before securing the screws.

Secure the corners with screws

To ensure stability, add additional screws at the corners of the bed frame. This will prevent any wobbling or shifting of the components.

Create the mattress support

With the bed frame assembled, it’s time to create the mattress support. Here’s what you need to do:

Attach slats or plywood to the frame

If you’re using slats, evenly space them across the bed frame and secure them with screws. If you prefer a solid base, attach the plywood to the frame using screws.

Sand and finish the bed

To make the bed safe and comfortable for your toddler, it’s important to sand and finish the wood. Follow these steps:

Sand all surfaces to remove rough edges

Using sandpaper with a medium grit, sand all surfaces of the bed frame, headboard, and footboard. Pay extra attention to corners and edges to ensure they are smooth and free from splinters.

Apply a finish or paint to protect the wood

Choose a child-safe finish or paint to protect the wood from wear and tear. Apply multiple coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before adding the next.

Attach any additional features

To customize the toddler bed, you can add some additional features. Here are a couple of ideas:

Guard rails

If your toddler is transitioning from a crib, consider adding guard rails to prevent them from rolling out of bed during the night. Attach the guard rails securely to the bed frame.

Storage compartments

To maximize space, you can incorporate storage compartments into the bed design. These compartments can be used to store toys, books, or extra bedding.

Test the stability and safety of the bed

Before your toddler starts using the bed, it’s crucial to test its stability and safety. Give the bed a gentle shake to ensure it doesn’t wobble or feel unstable. Check that all screws are securely tightened and that there are no sharp edges or protruding parts that could pose a risk to your child.


Building a toddler bed can be a fulfilling project that allows you to create a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your little one. By following the steps outlined in this article and gathering the necessary materials, you’ll be well on your way to building a beautiful and functional toddler bed. So roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and get ready to embark on this exciting DIY adventure!


  • What age should toddler go in own bed?

    There is no specific age for a toddler to go in their own bed. It depends on the child and their readiness. Some toddlers transition to a toddler bed as early as 18 months, while others may stay in a crib until they are 3 years old or older.

  • What kind of bed should a 2 year old be in?

    A 2 year old can be in a toddler bed, which is a small bed designed specifically for toddlers. It is low to the ground and usually has guardrails to prevent falls. Alternatively, a regular twin bed with guardrails can also be used.

  • How much fabric do I need for a toddler bed?

    The amount of fabric needed for a toddler bed depends on the specific design and measurements of the bed. It is best to refer to the pattern or instructions provided with the bed or consult with a fabric store for accurate measurements.

  • How do I convert my crib to a toddler bed?

    To convert a crib to a toddler bed, you will typically need a conversion kit provided by the crib manufacturer. Follow the instructions provided with the kit to safely convert the crib. If you do not have a conversion kit, it is recommended to consult with the crib manufacturer or a professional for guidance.

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